We offer:

Karczma "Kuźniak-Młyn" is the perfect place to relax,  organize special events or corporate training. A variety of attractions provide the perfect relaxation and entertainment.


he speciality of Karczma "Kuźniak-Młyn" are fish fromsurrounding restaurant lakes.

Events an Parties

Parties organized in the Karczma "Kuźniak-młyn" areunforgettable. Excellent atmosphere, great serviceand delicious food guarantee a smile of satisfaction on the faces of even the most querulous customers.



  • 1 day: 12 zł
  • 3 days: 30 zł
  • 1 week: 50 zł
  • 2 weeks: 80 zł
  • season from shore: 220 zł
  • season with boats: 250 zł

The permit authorizes fishing on the lakes:

  • l. Mierzyńskie
  • l. Winna góra
  • l. Głęboczek
  • l. Młyńskie


Karczma "Kuźniak-Młyn" offers an accommodation, which seats 40 people in 2 - 5 persons rooms or incottages houses.


Bonfires and barbecues

Well-organized social events are definitely a strong position in the offer of Karczma "Kuźniak-Młyn". Weorganize bonfires, sleigh rides, barbecues andeverything what the client is able to imagine :).